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  New IP
Posted by: Jason - 03-07-2012 07:17 AM
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That is with NO port at the end (25565)

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Exclamation Huge Changes with Chillax!
Posted by: tehtros - 03-05-2012 06:39 PM
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Hey guys, what's up. tehtros here, and I have good news, then some some sad news, then I have some really bad news.... Sit back, relax, and read...

The good news only really applies to people that know me. If you are extremely anti-social, skip to the next section:

Post your congrats as a reply to this thread! :D

Also, we have updated to 1.2! HOORAY!

The server will be closed until we build the spawn. This update, we'll be taking a different approach to things. Instead of lots of little user-established "city's" (<3), the Chillax Team will be making one for you! The details go like this:

You will spawn in the City Hall. The city overall will be approx. 400x400 blocks. There will be streets and roads connecting throughout the city. What will we do with those roads? Well, that's up to you! Each member will receive an area to build a house. You technically have an unlimited space to build said house, but remember, it is a 400x400 area, so be considerate of other users.

Your house is your area to do whatever. WE will have a general theme, but if you want to be radical, go ahead. Build a log cabin, or be completely different, and build a house with a modern theme... The choice is yours.

Once you leave the city, you are back to the old, "build-whatever-the-crap-you-want" style you have grown to know and love on our server.

After the spawn (City Hall) is built, the server comes back up, and people starts to populate the area, come on the forums, and share your thoughts about this new idea. (Ideally, one person will start a thread, and then everyone will reply to that. No need to clutter the forums... Sillyface)

Now for the sad stuff...

Over the course of our server lifetime, we have had many great and wonderful member, that sadly, have left us. Post your best memories of the ones who have gone, as a reply to this thread.

Now that your all emotional, here is the sad stuff...

We are cutting back on our members. All of the ranks will be reset, with a few exceptions. (See the next section.) Essentially, our server has gotten WAY to big. The staff here at Chillax realize that the BEST time that anyone has had on our server, was probably back in 1.7.3, when we only had about 12-15 active members. Therefore, we have made the decision to essentially start over.

Effective immediately, none of you are member of our server anymore, except for the exception listed in the next section.

To re-become a member, you must submit an application. However this time, it must be amazing. We will only be accept the highest quality applications, so write em' well. Myself, along with the other reviews will be looking for applications that provide building examples, and at LEAST one paragraph in the "Why?" section, however in this case, bigger is better.

I hope to see you guys back on the server, but we really want to bring back that small community, almost like we are family. So, only the most dedicated will be allowed back in.

WARNING: Do NOT complain about losing your rank.
This server is about having fun with friends, not about how many items you can spawn.
If you are TRULY dedicated to this server, then you can prove it by NOT complaining.

The exceptions are here:

* All members of the Chillax Team (FBI and up)
* ALL past and present Donators, no matter HOW cheap you are... Sillyface

(Donated? Just send us an email at [email protected] to make sure that we remember you. Sillyface You will be added back to the server immediately, with your old rank, if you want it. However, starting over can be fun! It's like going back to survival... :D)

Finally, I would like to wish all of you good luck. Try your hardest to convince us that you belong in the Chillax family. To those of you that do NOT make it back in, we will miss you, and we wish you best of luck on your future Minecraft adventures. Remember, our forum is always open, even to those NOT official members on our server.

We love you ALL, (even if we don't always show it... Sillyface) and hope that you understand that this has been done for the good of the community.

<3 tehtros, Jason, and the Chillax Team.

[Image: Relax.jpg]

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